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Maldives Travel Guide – Biyadhoo Island

A few months have passed since I came back home, but every so often I still dream about this island at night.

True, it is not the typical “houses in the water” type of island, but it has one of the most amazing house reefs in the Maldives. Biyadhoo (pronounced bi-ya-doo) is an island resort – meaning alcohol and bikini are allowed on the island (they have amazing cocktails, I had a few while I was there!). Don’t expect any supermarkets, though, so an all inclusive offer could be a good idea. The island is not that large but has a lot of palm trees and vegetation. They told us a funny thing while we were there – they are actually 1 hour behind from Maafushi (5 minutes by speedboad). Apparently, each island is free to set their own time zone. So make sure to set your clock right!

The most impressive thing about the island, however, is its house reef:

As you can see, there are so many types of marine life that can be seen just at the house reef! I snorkeled in Biyadhoo 4 times in the 10 days I was in the Maldives, it was just too beautiful to resist coming back. When snorkeling or diving there, make sure to follow the passages, as the reef can get pretty shallow at times and you will struggle getting back to the island. There is no major strong current around the island, so it is heaven for snorkelers.

You can see baby black tip sharks right next to shore:

If you don’t opt-in for an all-inclusive package,  you’ll have to rent your snorkeling gear for $ 6 a day. Or you can always be prepared and bring your own! There is a diving center on the island, so if you feel like it, you could explore Biyadhoo’s deeper waters. Here is what awaits you:

The island itself is pure heaven:

The hotel rates start at around $ 200 per night. However, you can always take a day trip from one of the neighboring islands. With lunch included, it would cost about $ 50 per person. Biyadhoo can give you the true experience of the Maldvies, especially if you want to enjoy the beauty of marine life. Just remember not to step on the corals!

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