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Maldives Travel Guide – Adaaran Vadoo

Whenever I think about traveling to the Maldives, there is usually only one image that pops up in my head is that stunningly beautiful houses situated in the turquoise water. Well, Adaaran Vadoo is just that.

The island

Vadoo is located about 15 minutes by speedboat from Male airport, so it is quite close. It is a relatively small island (much smaller than Maafushi) but it is lavish with different types of flora. Walking around it could take you as little as 10-15 minutes.

House reef

Vadoo has a gorgeous house reef! It is very shallow and, as usual, you need to be careful not to step on any corals. There are passages that you can use in order to observe the beautiful marine life, yet leave it undisturbed. We were a little stunned when one of the hosts welcomed us with “Hey, be back here at 4:00 pm, we’ll be feeding the sharks!”, and about 10 minutes later he said he was joking. Well, he wasn’t! They have a few black tip sharks there, but we were still assured that it is safe for snorkeling. They were about a meter long, so it was still a bit eerie for us.


If you’d like to stay in this absolutely stunning place, you’d have to pay around $ 500 – $ 600 per night! Indeed that price was a bit too high for us, so we only went there on a full day trip. It cost about $ 100 per person with lunch included and unlimited drinks (yes, alcoholic ones too!), and I’d say it was well worth seeing it.

My favorite part of the island

I think what I most enjoyed was the quiet deep blue swimming pool. I didn’t dive in, to be honest, but it looks just so exotic.

Be friendly to the flora & fauna

“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time”! Please remember to take all the plastic back with you, as they don’t have good recycling facilities. In addition, try not to take sand, corals or shells with you (check out my general post on the Maldvies about this), and always use a marine-friendly sunscreen!

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