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Seychelles Travel Guide – Mahé Island and Things To See

If you drive non-stop, you can go around the island in 3 hours

That’s what our hotel host told us. Well, what’s the point of going around not to stop an enjoy the stunning beauty of the gorgeous island Mahé?

Here is the itinerary we chose when going around the island. It was a really great ride, even though the northwest side of the island tends to have serpentine roads when going up the hills (if you’d like more info about rent-a-car, check out my first blog post on the Seychelles!)

Constance Ephelia

This was our first stop and definitely a MUST! The water was incredibly calm, perfect for snorkeling. They also have the most amazing swing under one of the trees – it has really long ropes and, to be honest, I hadn’t enjoyed myself in quite a bit. This is a hidden gem I hadn’t read about in advance! We actually went to the nearby hotel to ask for directions to the beach, and they were quite nice to direct us there.

Anse Boileau

We caught a bit of rain when coming here. But we considered this lucky since this gorgeous beach was absolutely empty! This part of the island was definitely less crowded than the North and not as steep.

Jardin Du Roi

The Jardin Du Roi (or Spice Garden) is one of the places where you can see my favorite creatures – the giant tortoise! Even though they do not roam free, they have a dedicated place where you can pet them or feed them. They’re really friendly and they’ll love it, don’t worry 🙂 The spice garden also has the infamous Seychellian Coco De Mer – the largest nut in the world. You can see cinnamon tree, bananas and pineapples in the making and many other curious spices and fruits. Luckily, the garden is open every day from 10am-5pm, so you can even visit on Sundays.

Anse Soleil

Anse Soleil is what you’d expect – a sunny gorgeous beach! 🙂 It was a little bit of a challenge getting there, as there were some steep slopes. However, you can park your car really close to the beach, so don’t give up easily! In case you’re hungry and would like to stop for lunch – Anse Soleil Cafe Chez Julien is right on the beach. It’s a tad more expensive than the usual cafe, but there aren’t too many options to eat close by, unfortunately. If you’re not that hungry, stopping here for just a little bit for ice cream is also a good choice.

Anse Royale

Anse Royale is a very large bay that is not too good for swimming/snorkeling, but is too gorgeous to miss. If you take a look at our itinerary again, it is on the way back and on the east side of the island. The east side offers a calm straight road right by the seaside, so I really recommend going back this way.


Other great beaches you could explore when going around the island are Petite Anse and Anse Bazarca Beach (which is a bit further south). Also – don’t hesitate to stop and enjoy the gorgeous views when going uphill in the north part of the island – they are simply breathtaking!

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