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Kefalonia Travel Guide – Top Things to See

Kefalonia holds the two most beautiful gems of the Ionian sea – the Melissani lake and Myrtos beach, it is an absolute must!


When we were booking our trip to Greece, at first I was a bit too sure that I want to visit Zakythnos. While Zakynthos was an amazing place, I was more fascinated by Kefalonia and its hidden gems! My number one reason to visit Greece was actually the Melissani lake and it turned out to be more beautiful than I could ever imagined. I had seen lots of photos of it, but seeing it in person went beyond my wildest dreams <3

So, let’s explore my two favorite things in Kefalonia, as well as some other amazing small cities and places around the island, which can make your journey even more unforgettable!


Melissani lake


This is definitely one of the most breathtaking attractions in Greece, just take a look:



The Melissani lake was actually a cave, but its roof fell down about 5,000 years ago during an earthquake. When you visit, a boat will take you around it, showing you even the deeper parts of that cave. The “boat captains” are pretty entertaining and nice – they will sing for you, take great photos of you on the boat and explain about how the lake came to be. So make sure you tip them!



The waters of the Melissani lake travel around 12km! They come from the capital city of Argostoli. How do we know this? Well, experiments! A while back some harmless coloring was released in the waters near Argostoli and a few days later, the same coloring showed up in Melissani.





Myrtos Beach



The main road above Myrtos beach in Kefalonia has numerous viewing platforms and lay-bys for you to stop and enjoy its beauty. The curving roads and surrounding mountains and cliffs make the views even more breathtaking and dramatic.​ Naturally, we went down to dip our feet in these perfectly greenish-blue waters. However, please be careful if you do go there – the beach is dangerous for swimming, as there are very strong currents. Just take a look (I promise, that twirly thing is not photoshopped 😀 ):



Luckily, there is a proper road and parking spots when you go down to Myrtos beach. However, if you plan on spending a whole day there, try to bring an umbrella – you know how strong the sun can get in Greece, right? But even if I am just walking around in the sun, I do make sure I have proper sunscreen with me – marine-friendly (and people-friendly!) combined with a very high protection factor.





While enjoying the view of Myrtos beach, you will certainly see a few almost separated hills at the very back of your view. This is where the city of Asos lies and it is definitely one of my favorite cities in Kefalonia. It can also be a great place to have your lunch, with many cafes and restaurants and lots of gorgeous houses with the typical Greek pink flowers all around. The population of Asos actually becomes only 15 during the winter time, many of the locals live elsewhere. But can you imagine how much better these gorgeous turquoise waters look during the winter? I would definitely come back here at winter time 🙂


Agia Effimia


If you get a rent-a-car in Kefalonia (which is pretty much a must, as public transport is practically non-existent), make sure to stop by Agia Effimia. It is a traditional fishing village but it is one of the most famous ports in Kefalonia. It offers spectacular sunrises with the sunlight reaching through the sailboats. In terms of things to do – Agia Effimia has a diving center if you’re in the mood for exploring the underwater world of Kefalonia. In addition, there are private boat trips to Ithaca an the gorgeous beach Polis in Ithaca.


The city of Fiscardo is located at the very north part of Kefalonia and it is actually the only city that survived the devastating earthquake in 1953. The beautiful buildings have been preserved and renovated, to if you would like to get a feel of how Kefalonia has actually looked like before the earthquake, Fiscardo is definitely one of the top things to see! In addition, Fiscardo’s port is the one where you can get a ferry to Lefkada, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a one-day trip, since you’d only get a few short hours due to the ferry schedule.

Drogarati Cave


The Drogarati cave was absolutely stunning, no shots I could take can describe the feeling you get while walking inside it. Be careful, the steps are a bit slippery (but not as much as in other caves I’ve visited before), and make sure to bring a coat or scarf, as it is quite chilly inside. And remember not to touch the stalactites and stalagmites, as they only grow at about a 3 mm a year, just walk around and admire them <3


George’s Castle


George’s Castle was the capital of Kefalonia for over two centuries. However, this proved to be rather inconvenient as the castle was pretty high up, and since Kefalonia is an island, its main communication with the outside world was through ports. Thus, the capital city was later moved to Argostoli, one of the largest ports, and bringing supplies became much easier. Understandably, the castle was heavily hit by the earthquake in 1953, but since it’s so high up, the views are quite amazing! The best thing is that there are parking spots quite high up, so you wouldn’t have to climb too much 😛


Bonus – Curious Facts!

When driving around Kefalonia, you’ll see many, many goats. All of these cute little goats are, in fact, domesticated! As I’m sure you’ve seen goats before, you know that many of them actually wear little bells around their necks. Have you ever wondered why? Nope, not so they can be found easier or in order to “see them coming” 😀 The little bells are used, so they can scare off snakes!

Moreover, if you spot a goat up close around Agia Effimia, you might notice that it has “golden teeth” 😀 This is due to the minerals present in that particular part of Kefalonia, they definitely didn’t visit the fairy animal dentist 😀 <3

If you’re very lucky, you might spot one of the famous tortoises caretta-caretta, you just need to be patient and visit the port of Argostoli early in the morning.

So, what do you think about these sights, which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


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