Saving the world one reef at a time – Avène’s Summer Tour

​Travelling is my passion, but preserving nature is my devoir!

You’ve seen that in many of my previous posts about exotic places, I’ve reiterated how important it was to never step on the corals. Why? This could ruin years and years of nature’s work! You might have heard about the mass coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef last year – between 29 and 50% of the corals died. As a person so in love with underwater life and snorkeling, this truly broke my heart.


And you know what? There is something we can all do about it! Eau Thermale Avène launched a summer tour in Bulgaria this year, and even though there were a lot of games and laughter involved, the main goal was actually quite different – social responsibility. The Avène laboratories have worked hard in the past few years to develop the right formula for their sunscreen products to help protect the oceans and marine life.

Protecting the skin is our expertise,

Respecting the ocean is our promise.


Recently, they also joined the PUR Project in Indonesia. Restoring coral reefs was something I’d never heard of before – transplanting corals on artificial structures that are then places at the sea bottom. How amazing is this? The corals near Bali are particularly threatened and this project is of vital importance! Learn more about the project here.

Coral reefs are the lungs of the oceans and currently – 75% of them are threatened! Can you imagine breathing at 25% capacity? We all know it’s important to pollute less and recycle, but the small things as not leaving plastic waste on your vacation and choosing the right skin care product and a socially responsible brand do make a difference. Support Avène’s cause and get a certificate here!

Rosie Kerrigan

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