Don’t follow your dreams. Just don’t! We always find an excuse not to book that trip, not to apply for our dream job or go for that promotion. And then we find the next reason, and the next reason, until so much time has passed, that we’ve forgotten how much we wanted that and we no longer believe in ourselves at all. So don’t just “follow your dreams”. No. Stop following. Start planning! Right now, open up a new note and set your goal, set a deadline. Trust me, it’s not impossible! Travel can be achieved at any budget, just Google your dream destination and go. Book it! Go! Explore!

An explorer, a dreamer, in love with sea and sunsets, I currently live in my hometown – Varna in Bulgaria and I am often in London.  I have spent 4 years in Madrid and about 1 year in Munich. I’ve been to 16 other countries but have yet to indulge myself and explore many more.

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Rosie Kerrigan

Explore breathtaking new destinations and immerse into different cultures through my lens <3 Travel guides, travel tips and lots of things to do in each destination!