Ionian Islands Travel Guide – Best Beaches & Snorkeling Spots

Explore the most breathtaking beaches in the Ionian islands - Xi Beach, Myrtos Beach, Dafnoudi Beach, Polis and the Blue Caves! Find out where to get a free natural SPA treatment for your skin ...

Kefalonia Travel Guide – Top Things to See

Kefalonia holds the two most beautiful gems of the Ionian sea - the Melissani lake and Myrtos beach. Click to see the other hidden treasures of the island! ...

The Mythical Ithaca – Things to See

The land of myth, beauty and relaxing walks around beaches without anyone around! Explore where myth and reality intertwine through my Ithaca guide. ...

Zakynthos Daydreaming – Travel Guide & Things to See

Planning to make your dream come true and visit Zakynthos? Here is what to expect and how you can get there, as well as the top things to see! ...

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