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8 London Curious Phone Booths

Ever thought you could get a coffee, salad or even a book to read out of a phone booth? Here’s where to find London’s most amazing phone booths!

Superman uses phone booths to change, Doctor Who uses a phone booth cover to travel through time and space. Let’s see what else Londoners use them for, now that public telephones are very unpopular!

Out of Order by David Mach

This amazing art installation was unveiled all the way back in 1989! Upon seeing it, I really thought this would’ve been at least 10-15 years younger, but certainly not 28 years old. Okay, it was actually renovated in 2001, but still, this is such a dashing and creative idea. It took my breath away!

Find it at Kingston Upon Thames, nearest station is Kingston Railway.

Kape Barako Coffee Shop Phone Booth

If you’re in the mood for some delicious coffee, visit this curious phone booth in London! ​Umar and Alona (who met on the bus!) turned the signature London phone booth into a coffee shop. Cold and rainy weather doesn’t bother them, and you can order many types of delicious coffee <3

Find them at Hampstead High Street at the Hampstead tube station. Follow their unique phone booth on Instagram and Facebook too!

Spier’s Salads Phone Booth

If you’re in the mood for a very quick and very healthy bite, head over to Bloomsbury Square and get a salad prepared in a phone booth.

Find this phone booth right at the heart of London – next to Saint James’ Park tube station and make sure to visit before 3pm!

Lewisham Micro Library

Here it is – London’s smallest library! “It’s not what you get, it’s what you leave behind” says the inscription inside. You can freely take, replace and leave books, but the best part is probably the people you might meet hanging around there during the weekends. The best part is that each time you go, there will surely be new literary universes for you to explore!

Find it at the corner of Loampit Hill and Tyrwhitt Road at the nearby St John’s railway station.

ATM Phone Booth

There are a few phone booths in London that have been turned into ATMs, you just need to look hard enough! I found this (by chance) one afternoon at Sloane Square and I was fascinated. So next time you’re looking for an ATM in London, make sure you take a quick look around the phone booths themselves.

WiFi Phone Booths

Walking around London, you’ll see more and more of these WiFi phone booths popping up, especially in the center (and around Trafalgar Square). Londoners are definitely embracing the new era and bringing tourists happiness <3

TARDIS Phone Booth

As a huge Doctor Who fan, this is definitely one of my favorite phone booths in London! If you’re not hooked up on the famous BBC TV show yet, now is a great time to start. TARDIS is short of Time And Relative Dimension In Space and is basically, the Doctor’s spaceship which he uses to travel around through time and space. Okay, I know it sounds a bit weird, but trust me, once you’re hooked, there’s no coming back <3

Find this curious phone booth right outside of Earl’s Court tube station!

Phone Booth in Mayfield Lavender Farm

My friend and fellow blogger Curious Pavel found this amazing booth in the lavender fields! If you go there in June, you’ll be able to see the lavender blooming and take some amazing photographs. Check out his video and his channel:



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