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7 of London’s Prettiest Streets You’ll Fall In Love With

These cute London streets are a breath of fresh air during the gloomy days in London!

Okay, we all know how bad the London weather can be sometimes. However, did you know that actually it only rains for about 106 days a year in London? That’s less than half of the year, which is not too bad at all! Despite the rainy and cloudy days, there is still so much to do and see in London. One of the things that can definitely make your day is exploring the cute streets of London. I had looked up a few different guides on it and decided to make my own scavenger hunt for London’s prettiest streets! And I was most definitely not disappointed.

 Chalcot Square

While looking at my find to find Chalcot Crescent (below), I was pleasantly surprised to see Chalcot Square. This pretty street is located near Primrose Hill at NW1, the nearest tube station is Chalk Farm. I would really like to know how much the rent is in that place and in all the pretty London streets I went to, but I think I am too scared to look it up and shatter my dreams that I could maybe (just maybe!) move into one of these houses one day.

Chalcot Crescent

There was a Fantastic Removals truck on this street, someone was most definitely moving out. I was on the verge of heading in and asking: “WHY?!” 😀 I wonder what on Earth would make people move out! But even though this unique crescent-like street has gorgeous houses, my favorite house was not here (not that I would ever refuse to live here for a bit!), it was on….

Lancaster Road (W11)

And here is my favorite future (maybe!) house! It’s the first one from right to left. Yes, it is purple. And yes, I <3 it! But the green one looks so unique, though. Decisions, decisions! 😀

Be very careful if you’d like to visit Lancaster Road in London (and maybe! me), as this is not the only road in the city named this way. I actually went to the other one first (so about 1 and a half hours total worth of trip), and was a bit disappointed when I found out I was in the completely wrong place 😀 So be careful and make sure to go to W11 1QJ! The nearest tube station here is Ladbroke Grove, so that should help avoid any confusion.

Heath Street

Imagine this street in the 70s or 80s – with retro cars all around , perhaps a jazz musician on the corner and a light cigar smell in the air <3 Pure perfection, isn’t it? Nearest tube station is Hampstead and the postcode is NW3 6TE.

Bywater Street

This street was such a cute gem! Very close to the main road and very short, Bywater Street is a dream <3 Find it at SW3 4XD, with nearest tube station – Sloane Square.

Holland Park Mews

I walked all the way from one end of this street to the other. Twice. It is fascinating! Generally, the London Mews (not related to cats, I promise 😀 ) are small narrow pretty streets and offer the quietest time you can spend in London! It is believed that they are called “mews” for the Kings’ Mews where Richard II kept his royal hawks during moulting time. Basically, “mews” comes from “moulting”. This was interesting as I visited these little streets in the autumn, so I guess they were moulting too 😀

Find this pretty street at W11 3SU, nearest tube station is Holland Park.

Bathurst Mews

When walking around the London mews, you’ll find so many pretty streets. Just make sure to walk slowly, look around and enjoy them! I almost missed this pretty street while looking at my GPS! Go down to Lancaster Gate tube station at W2 2SB to find Bathurst mews!

Do you have a favorite of all the pretty streets I’ve shown you? Which one would you like to live in? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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